Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tips to Raising a Bilingual Child

From 7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child, by Naomi Steiner and Susan Hayes

1. Start little by little. Be aware that your child might resist an abrupt change of language.

2. Initially, you might be supporting understanding by translating, but the goal is to stop doing this little by little.

3. Start speaking the language during chosen times or activities when you're not rushed and there is plenty of extra time for explanations. For example, Sunday morning breakfasts might be a time when you feel relaxed. You don't want to put yourself in the situation of being stressed to get the kids out the door and teaching vocabulary. Then add on one activity at a time. For instance, add on bath time and teach the vocabulary words related to bath time.

4. Switch to reading simple books in the second language, simplifying and translating if needed. Books are a great way to teach new words.

5. Gradually extend the amount of time you speak the language and add on resources and activities that your kids can do on the computer or TV, for example.

6. Encourage your child to respond to you in the second language.

7. Don't give up! Remember, time is on your side.

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  1. Gente - este livro e indispensavel. Olha que nada dele foi super novo para mim, ja que sou formada em ESOL, que tem muito a ver com Bilingual Ed. Mas a forma que esta mulher escreveu o livro...