Saturday, February 20, 2010

I found two great resources that connect the alphabet and animals in Portuguese. The first one can be printed and cut. I am in the process of making it as a little book. I am going to cut, laminate and then connect with a book ring.
Here is where you can find the cards

It is missing the X-- but that is easily fixed by downloading a picture of Xexeu or Ximango (two different birds). For instance if you go here you can learn about birds from Brasil and download your picture of the Xexeu

The other great site that I found is a wikemedia site. It is the Teenager Sister to Wikipedia (you know...the hot young one). It is totally worth your time to check it out!!! Children will love it! I love because it has little guessing games for the children to see if they know what is the next the pictures are real (no drawings).If you notice you can click on a printer friendly version. I decided not to print because I thought the pictures were too beautiful and would not come out right, plus too big for a book.

UPDATE!! Here is the picture of my book
From escolinha


  1. The website is great! Great topics, photos, and content. You are awesome! -Nina