Friday, February 19, 2010

Clube do Livro- tema Eu quero, Eu quero

Wednesday we had our Clube do Livro or Book club (literal translation). We did a play based on the book
"Eu quero! Eu quero!" by Shirley Souza.

The book was about this little girl that has a tantrum every time she wants something. By the end she learns that others are not as privileged as she is. Here is the summary in Portuguese ("Tudo o que Júlia quer ela ganha e quando não ganha, apronta um escândalo de arrepiar. Até que vê um menino de rua brincando em uma praça. Júlia nota que ele não tem muita coisa: brinquedos, casa, talvez nem pai, nem mãe. E assim ela percebe que possui coisas demais e algo mais importante que tudo: o amor de sua família."). It has a great message as it teaches that love is more important than material things.
The play was lots of fun...and entertaining. I especially liked that I played the dad... even though my mustache did not allow me to speak as well as I hoped. I particularly liked that I was an extremely good looking dad (my mustache made me sexy) and that I could have a daughter the same age as me (LOL). The kids played attention to the play so I declare it to be a success! Enjoy the picture:

Susanna and Daniella did a great job singing traditional Brazilian songs with the children. The songs teach vocabulary and passing on of Brazilian culture.  I took pictures of some of the songs and you can see them here.

From escolinha
From escolinha

Suzanna reminded the children of the instruments used in our last Clube do Livro and also introduced some new instruments. I was pleasantly surprised when my son remembered the name of reco-reco.... This time they learned about the triangulo.
By the way, we used our Mala Magica to store the instruments. The magic bag is Monica's creation. For it I give Monica the "Fashion Hip Mamae Award".. it is similar like the Oscars but without the fancy dress... and the public, and the money... and the naked man statue...Oh is nothing like the Oscars but it is still a great Award for a Great Mala. (someone had too much coffee and is having too much fun with this blog today). Now, back to topic: Here is why I go on and on about the magic mala. Totally fun!
From escolinha

When we finished singing the children were divided into three groups (different reading levels) and we all read at least one story to our children. It was really good!

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  1. What I like about this book is that it is a very Brazilian story. It provides a little bit of the lesson that you receive daily in Brazil that some people are miserably, miserably poor and we are the fortunate few, in the global sense of things. I still remember going to a friend's house in Bahia in the morning and eating potato after potato from a stew that the mom had made for lunch. When we got home, mom told me that I shouldn't have done that, because that meant there would be less for the others.