Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Portuguese Verbs/Verbos em Portugues

I found this great resource in the internet. It is a Pdf file full of drawings of Portuguese verbs. They have all kinds of verbs... Unfortunately at the time I did not think of writing down the web address so I cannot give credit (I have the file so I can email to whoever wants it--just leave a comment asking for it). If you know where it is from, please let me know and I will post a link and/or give credit. I printed everything on cardboard, cut and laminated. It turned out great. See picture below:

From escolinha

A few tips: to save money print every other sheet on regular paper. Then when you laminate put two cards (a cardboard and a regular paper) against each other. This will save you money, time and it the "book" will be smaller than mine. I am embarrassed to say I only thought about this trick halfway through my laminating ....:(

 The verb "pegar" is mispelled. So I fixed it and no problem..I have around 90 of verbs for my son to practice! And for my husband to learn portuguese! Just to give you a taste here are some of the verbs: surfar, nadar, pagar, comprar, fritar, perguntar, comer, tomar, derrubar, brigar.