Monday, September 29, 2008

A new nose anyone? part of this lack of manual is the lack of time... thus I justify my lack of month is certainly too long not to write here. So sorry... I wrote thousands of blogs in my head all of them extremely entertaining but none made to paper...or better to computer. I guess this is part of the "HOW CAN ANYONE DO IT ALL?" I am convinced it is a myth...or a bedtime story told to moms.
I cannot work, clean, educate, dress, organize, cook from scratch, blog, email, exercise, watch tv, do crafts, go to church, do a bible study and still have time for myself. Yet, I would like to do those things. So, the Mom manual needs to contain a time machine. Yes... I think that is what moms need. With a time machine I know I would be the perfect mom. I would be able to get everything accomplished and still enjoy my children. What do you think? Not realistic?Then I want a new nose.
Please, if you read this, just send me a nose that twiches. Yes, I want one just like Samantha from Bewitched. Then, no worries...I can do it all.