Friday, February 19, 2010

Escolinha- tema Carnaval

This past week was Carnival in Brazil. So, in our preeschool we did a Carnival theme.
Very wisely, Monica started the teaching by writing our schedule in the board. Therefore, counting to seven in Portuguese, writing, and drawing was presented to the children.
From escolinha

We also sang our regular songs (more on this at a later post). Then we danced to some carnival/samba songs. The children had a blast dancing!

A puppet show was next. We watched as the puppets talked about carnival and their costumes. Look at how creative the puppets were!
From escolinha

Then the puppets dressed as a pirate and a princess. Isn't that what every little boy and girl want to be? I still think I want to be a princess some day (don't tell anyone!).

From escolinha
After fun with puppets it was craft time. They got to color a princess and a pirate. Play time and yummy food followed that. Boy, are we tired....

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