Thursday, August 28, 2008

where is it? where is it? How come I was not given instructions on motherhood?

Motherhood is not for sissies. Today my son, who I will name "SON" was moody and crabby the whole day. It started in the morning with "I don't want to wake up" and ended with "I don't want to go to bed". I tried to tell him that wants don't necessarily rule our lifes...but that lesson went over his little 4 year old head. Needless to say he fell asleep in 5 minutes.

What I would love to know is why nobody gave me a manual on how to raise kids. I went to school for 24 years (I started at 2 and 1/2 and went to when I was 27)... and no... I did not repeat several grades (I see how your mind works!!)... let's see preeschool..then regular school, then college followed by grad school. So, I have a lot of education under my belt. Yet, nobody ever taught me what to do when you are falling asleep tired, driving with two screaming kids in the back. Or what do you do when your colic baby will not stop crying? I mean after so much schooling I would love to hear an overhead voice: "turn to page 27 for your answer. Colicky kid? Turn the faucet on full blast, dim the lights and Tam-Tam...peaceful picture baby for you!". Instead, I got several tries of unsucessful stupid ideas until I got the right one. Would it not be easier, if at delivery someone gave you a manual?

It could be something like this: humm..this child looks like a crier..manual number 1, this little one is definely a mild-tempered... give mom manual number 3; oh.. that girl is going to be trouble...manual number 10. I think I will mention this to my next doctor... I think it would solve most of problems in my world...heck..I may be into something here... if before we met anyone we were given a manual on them... I think we would get into a lot less trouble. Do you think I can sell this idea?